Paradise Honey is the world leading manufacturer for professional honey production equipment and EPS beehive products. We have developed a line of high quality honey production equipment, honey processing equipment and BeeBox beehive products. All our products are tested in 3000 hive beekeeping operation yealding average of 120-200 tons of honey / year. This field testing assures that our customers do not have to buy promises.

We are delivering tested efficiency, security and long term durability. Investing in our high quality production equipment and beehive products is a decision for a life time. When you want to get your honey production business into the next level, please contact us.

Honey & Wax Press

Powerful continuously operating honey and wax press screw for honey cappings and wax treatment. Separation efficiency on average in 98,5%

Uncapping Machines

We provide powerful uncapping machines for maximum speed and efficiency. Forget slow and messy uncapping by hand and get to know our uncapping machines.

Uncapping Lines

Forget slow and messy uncapping by hand and just lift honey frames into the uncapping machine. Uncapping line will do everything for you faster and more efficiently.

Centrifuge Separation System

Centrifuge is the most powerful machine in the market for honey and wax separation.
Designed for large scale professional beekeepers.

Heat Exchanger System

Heat exchanger system is designed to work with centrifuge separation system. Stirrer tank mixes the honey and wax together and the mix is pumped to heat exchanger. Heat exchanger will rise honey and wax mix to the right temperature for centrifuge system. This will result clean honey and dry wax.


De-Boxer (automatic honey frame lifter), water heating system and other accessories for honey extraction lines.

Honey Extracting Lines

We have designed complete honey processing lines for the different size of production operations. Lines available are 26-200 frame in capacity. Our horizontal honey extractors are finest in the market.

BeeBox EPS BeeHives

BeeBox Finland EPS- lightweight beehive is the result of 35 years of beekeeping experience from the biggest honey producer in Scandinavia Paradise Honey.

Beekeeping Products

We offer a wide range of high quality beekeeping products in our webstore. Webstore will be opening sometime in 2014. Stay tuned.