COMPLETE extracting process – from supers to storage!

The mobile honey and wax extraction line

Image of the professional mobile horizontal honey and wax separation line.

The professional mobile honey and wax separation line as seen through the back door.

An image of the professional horizontal extraction line as seen from the right.

The professional horizontal extraction line as seen from the right.

Uncapper, frame loading rack, extractor and other honey processing equipment.

Trailer Extracting Capacity – examples

  • 60F – 240 Frames / h
  • 92F – 368 Frames / h
  • 120F – 480 Frames / h
  • 160F – 640 Frames / h

Main benefit = PRODUCTIVITY92F-side-view-mobile-honey-and-wax-extraction-line-in-trailer-layout-200px

  1. no driving back and forth between yard and extraction station at home
  2. less work and time per honey/kg – only 2 workers needed
  3. fewer vehicles -> less fuel etc.
  4. You can have more hives to process by the same equipment and time -> smaller capacity equipment will be more productive when used Mobile
  5. more cost effective investment per produced honey and hive
  6. weather conditions not disturbing
  7. work at nights
  8. return the wet frames back to hives immediately after the extraction -> bees are excited and collect more honey!
  9. easy to clean and sanitaze between yards with pressure washing system -> the trailer is built according to food grade hygienic standards working environment
  10. You can extract where ever is the most optimal place for transportation
  11. generator – the stand alone solution -> not dependent on the availability of electricity
  12. shortest possible hive-extraction-hive cycle for frames
  13. no need to invest in buildings – hot room, hygienic working environment etc. -> use the saved capital for expanding Your honey production

List of the main components – an example

  1. The Trailer (net weight ~1250 kg)
  2. 10 – 16 kW Generator & Washing System (pressure washer)
  3. Electric Deboxer Supers Lifter
  4. Center Wiring Cabinet
  5. Stirrer Tank Cappings Honey / Wax
  6. Floor Tank 220L
  7. Chain / Slide Feed Loading Rack
  8. Electric Loading System
  9. Touch Screen Extractor Programs
  10. Storage Tank 300L
  11. Twin Empty Frame Rack
  12. Filter Station Tank & 4 Filters and Honey Pump & Inverter with honey drums filling
  13. Horizontal Honey Extractor & Electric Lid Opener
  14. Honey and Wax Heat Exchanger & 6 kW Water Heating System
  15. Honey Pumps x 2 with Inverter Sensors
  16. Honey and Wax Press System or Honey Rocket System
  17. Trash Collector
  18. Empty Box Track
  19. S2D Double Pricker or F16 Revolver Pricker & Water Heating 6kW

Another example / APIMONDIA 2017 brochure